Classifieds Forum Guidelines/TOS

1. does not offer any guarantee, warranty or protection of any kind in regards to anything posted in this forum or transactions that take place. Although the administrators and moderators of Forums will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. By participating in this marketplace you accept full responsibility for any and all associated risks. Caveat emptor/venditor.

2. Be sure to take appropriate cautions to help protect yourself from potential scams and illegitimate traders. This includes, but is not limited to:
2A. Exchange and verify contact information. For example, telephone numbers can often be used to confirm associated addresses via reverse search type services such as those provided by &
2B. Always use delivery tracking/confirmation and keep your receipts.
2C. Keep a record of correspondence.
2D. Use secure payments which can be tracked, when possible, such as credit cards payments via PayPal. Services such as Western Union are not recommended for these types of transactions.
2E. Check references using such services as Heatware & eBay feedback. You can even check references of past activity within by clicking on the member's username and searching for past posts/threads by the member, either in all forums or just this forum specifically. When checking references in this way, it would still be good to be cautious, especially in cases when the feedback provided about a member is done by accounts with low post numbers as this could possibly be the member posting reviews about themselves under different accounts.
2F. Don't just take their word for it, verify everything that you can and be vigilant in protecting yourself.
2G. If even after taking appropriate precautions you become the victim of fraud / scam / illegitimate seller, the following links might be helpful: FBI/NW3C Internet Crime Complaint Center - Attorneys General Contact List - USPS Mail Fraud Complaint Form

3. When listing sales please provide as much detail as possible so that buyers can make an informed decision. Including photos in your listing would be very helpful. You can host your photos at sites such as or Both of those sites provide instructions on how to post images in forum messages. Details on posting images on TW can be found at When posting images, please try to not make the images too wide as that may cause viewing problems for other members. For very large images it may be better to link to the image instead of posting into your sale thread.

4. It is recommended that you not list your email address on the sales thread, but instead use the contact options provided with your account. Posting your email address may inadvertently get your email address collected by spammers who might add your email to spam lists, and I'm sure all of our members would like to avoid that possibility.

5. No thread crapping. If you do not like the deal presented by the seller, no need to let the world know, just move along. If you feel the need to discuss related issues with the seller, please do so via TW private message.

6. This should go without saying, be sure that your posts are both legal and family friendly (no adult/explicit material). Any such Ads will be removed immediately and your privilege to Post Sells Ads on TennisW.Com may be revoked permanently.

7. Once you complete a transaction with another member, please post feedback for the other party in the original sales thread and mention that the item has been sold so other members know it is no longer available. Posting feedback will potentially be helpful to you or the other party when other members are checking references in the future.

8. If an item you post is no longer available, please update your thread with this info as soon as possible.

9. When you post a sales thread here at TW you must respond to all inquiries posted in response to your listing. Not responding to inquiries within a reasonable time period will likely result in the closing or deletion of your thread and possibly restrictions on your TW account.

10. No posting of links to sales at other websites. If you feel you have just reason to do so, you must obtain prior permission from Administrator before doing so or the Ads will be removed.

*Note: These guidelines may be updated from time to time. Your continued use of this classifieds marketplace following any changes to these rules constitutes your acceptance of such changes.