If I were a Sport's Writer assigned to write an Article about Amelie Mauresmo (FRA), her victories & defeats, highs & lows, accomplishments & aspirations, I would undoubtedly have to start by writing about her debut on the Tennis Circuit and bring us to the present time. If I were to summarize her career thus far, I'd have to say this is a Player who seems to doubt her abilities at the most critical moments.

Most Players start off shaky and build from there until they've carved out a nice niche for themselves on the Tour. Maybe placing 1 or 2 Slam Titles under their belt and quite possibly a dozen Tour Titles by time they're in their 5th year.

It seems Amelie isn't growing in confidence but more so losing confidence as her career moves on. When you watch her play, she reminds me of Jana Novatna who I felt was a very capable Player, able to beat many on the Tour but had a tendency to choke on big occasions.

As a Coach, I've witnessed choking on many levels and have learned there's no cookie cutter explanation on how to handle it when it happens from one player to the next. When you look at Mauresmo's accomplishments, you will see what is basically a stellar career thus far. Although she only held the #1 Ranking for 5 weeks, Amelie has wins over most of the Top Players in the World.

When I watch her play, I don't necessarily see any one dominant weapon that she can pull from to get her through a tough moment. Amelie is however what I would consider an all court player, able to feel at home at the Net or at the Baseline on Clay, Grass or Hardcourts.

What I would like to see from Amelie is to get down in the Final Set, fight to come back and win. But what I've normally seen from her is getting down and staying down. She has the ability to do this however she is accustomed to losing these types of situations and needs a good break through. Mauresmo is talented enough to actually win the French Open, formerly a number one Player and is very fit yet is never considered a Contender in the Slams anymore. Even when she was #1 in the World and considered a Contender, no one truly believed she would eventually win the Title.

I'm questioning whether you believe her coach isn't doing a good enough job convincing her that she's capable or is it something else?