YouTube videos can now be embedded within messages on

It's very easy. All you do is take the video code from any YouTube video URL and surround it by [youtube] and [/youtube] (notice that the second youtube tag is preceded by a forward slash "/")

For example, the video code in the following YouTube link is highlighted in green:

The video code in that YouTube URL is PvC33gSTSR4

So, to embed that video on you simply take the video code (PvC33gSTSR4) from the URL and surround it with the youtube bbcode tags ([youtube] and [/youtube]). The exact code to use in your post on TennisW would be:


And that would result in the following:

As a convenience, there is now also a YouTube button, , in the message editor on which provides an even easier way to post YouTube videos to the site. All you do is paste the video code into your message, highlight the video code using your mouse and then click the YouTube button, , which is in the top section of the message editor.

If you have any questions at all or if you need help finding the video code within a YouTube link, please feel free to post a reply to this thread.