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    Quote Originally Posted by -Hope- View Post
    and honestly, after I spend some time focusing on each issue, I do improve. However, when I stop completely focusing on one issue at a time and try to play my natural game, I just revert back to my old methods and miss shots. I can't figure it out.
    This is quite normal, because this did not become second nature to you, and you have to be very concentrated at task at hand to do it right.At the moment you loose concentracion you loose track of sequences that follow each other, and you do not execute it right way.
    This is reason why the better the player the higher is his average level of play that is his consistency is better.

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    All in all this shows the importance of quality tennis coach;the one who understands the essence of tennis.It does not matter if in question is recreational player or competitor.For both is very important that their coach understand the essence of tennis, and difference between the coaches are that one who works with competitors has to know everything in more details than one who works with recreational player.
    Why is such importance that your coach understands what is tennis all about?Because oterwise he cannot diagnose the problem in your game, and is not able to "precribe right medicine to cure the problem" in other words he is not able to see "forest from the trees".

    At first sight it seems that it is not big deal to learn and understand the essence of tennis, but it is because it differs quality coach from just a coach;in other words it differ the one who will teach you proper tennis mechanics from the one who calls himself a coach, but this is all to it.
    I will give an illustration for better understanding:
    The parent of the children come to me as the last resort;when they have gone and tried everything to no avail.At the beginning, when I see these children and their shape thay are in, I wonder too if I can help them at all.Then I diagnose the most acute problem, and start patiently to work on it in logical sequence.After some time there are visible results, and what happen next is that the same parents who were begging me to take their children now suddenly become experts and they think that by imitating me they can do the same thing.Normally , there is no way that they can do it, but because of lack of own criteria (they would never reach the point they reached if they had some criteria)they take over and destroy everything.The end result is that the children stop playing.

    There is fine line between one who knows and one who does not, and they never cross.Why these parents cannot succeed by imitating me?They cannot succeed because they do not understand the essence of tennis, and as such are not able in this process of transformation based on children¨s reaction decide on next move, and children on the same stimuli react differently so this is big challenge for quality coach in spite of his experience and knowledge which requires ongoing education.Difference between one who understands the essence of tennis and one who does not is like between one understands the matter, and knows how to interpolate different values in a formula to calculate the end result, and one who knows just a formula by heart but do not understand the relations between valuesThe later one will never get correct end result.
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    Talking Try not to plan

    Quote Originally Posted by -Hope- View Post
    Watching the pros play doesn't do much for me either. Maybe it's just the way I learn, but all I end up noticing is that every single player has a distinct style, and you can't really model yourself after one and "use" their form, because it might not be best for you.

    Your other point may be true though. At practice today it seemed like I finally solved a big problem with my groundstroke form (in short, I started putting my weight into shots instead of just trying to smack them with only force from my arm) and I'm cautiously optimistic about it, but what I'm saying is the next day I remember nothing about these "fixes" and I'm constantly learning and re-learning them. This one does feel different, and we'll see how it goes. However, I often feel like I'm not aware enough of what I'm doing. ie. I'll hit a clunker, and my coach will tell me to change so-and-so in my swing. A few minutes later, I rip one across the court, and my coach says "wow, great job! see what happens when you do that?"
    Problem is, I don't see what happens because apart from the good feedback from the racquet, I can't tell the 2 different swings apart.
    Take a look at Oscar Wegner,s dvd,s. They are a great help for what you are trying to overcome. Try waiting as long as you can before hitting the ball and you will find yourself in the best position to see the ball and the shot should come automatically.

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    I am in process of trying to do my own membership web site where I plan to describe what I went through (I was with one player for 16 years)from the start to professional play, with advices and recommendations so that a parent/coach who tries the same path cuts on mistakes.
    I had this idea for long time, but did not know how to implement it.One day I read on internet"How to build a membership site in less than 2 hours, and for less than $20.00."I decided to buy this how to do it thing, and use it to build my membership site.
    Easier said than do it.I am working on it for 2 and half month, and I am still not sure if I will be able to do it.How come?Because I do not have the basic knowledge in this area to build on in the other words I do not understand the essence of the matter.
    Why am I talking about me building my membership site?Because it can be drawn parallel between me in building this site, and a tennis coach who does not understand the essence of tennis.I cannot build a membership web site, and it would be irresponsible that I teach someone how to build a web site.The same thing is with a coach who does not know the essence of tennis - it is iresponsible of him to try to teach someone tennis because he does not know himself.What a paradox!To teach someone something what one does not know himself.

    Now, by doing this I am in position to understand the confusion a coach is in who does not understand the essence of tennis.Because of lack of fundamental knowledge and experience one is like in a complete darkness.Things are happening against your will, and you do not know to explain why and what is happening.Very frustrating.
    I will illustrate what I am talking about.When I have a problem with my process of building my web site, I ask, and people tell me what to do, but I receive different answers, and because of my lack of fundamental knowledge of the matter I have no idea which answer is correct , and what repurcussions will have implementation of each advice on what I did so far.Very frustrating.

    Now, I do understands why some of my collegues would advice something like this:

    - coach duty is just to throw balls, and a child will learn by himself if he is talented, and if he is not he will not learn anyway

    - everybody learns tennis technique and tactic, but physical conditiong is what makes difference

    Simply, they call themselves coaches, and they do not know the essence of tennis, but they are aware that they know nothing so they do not want to start something that is beyond their head.In other word tennis teaching (due to lack of knowledge and experience)is for them like building a web site for me;Pandora box.They do not want to open it because they would not be able to control its content.
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    There are two alternatives for a student (recreational player or competitor):to make a progress or to hit a wall and feel completely helpless like I do in building my website.

    This is difference in choosing between quality tennis coach who knows the essence of tennis, and a so called tennis coach who does not.

    The biggest challenge is to choose right person.This is not easy because results will not appear right away, but will become obvious in the future when will be already too late.
    As I said it is very difficult to recognize quality tennis coach.They are rare as good tennis players.Quality always comes in small quantities., but there are hints which can be heplful such as:

    a coach is good marketer, but he is not going to give you straight forward answers to your questions - his answers will be blurry and unclear.He will never say that something is above his head.

    a quality tennis coach will give you conscise, clear answers to your questions.He will not be ashamed to admit that something is above his head.

    Once when you choose (hopefully the right person) trust him because it is necessary trust and respect between player and coach.

    If you are lucky to choose right person (it is very difficult) relax, concentrate and enjoy the game of tennis.

    This person will diagnose your tennis problems, come up with best solutions considering your overall physical and mental capabilities, and surely lead you to improvement.All this will be happening in pleasant, pressure free environment.Real enjoyment.This is consequence that this quality tennis coach understand the essence of tennis, and knows about sport science, and understand its practical application to his tennis teaching.

    If you were not lucky to choose right person, then you are heading for big disapointment.You can become injured (older person) or mentally and physically abused (younger person).Because that coach does not understand the essence of tennis, and as such he cannot improve your game.The biggest problem is not that he does not know, but that he does not admit that he does know so he puts all the blame on you.He would even say that something wrong with you mentally.This is pretty bad.The problem is that you being involved so much in the process itself are not aware what is really happening.

    The most in danger are young competitors whose parents see them as future tennis stars and because of lack of knowledge have high opinion about their coach.They can experience serious physical and mental problems

    I will give an example.There was a person who was excellent athlete (water diving), and in late 30¨s he started to play tennis and because of his excellent physical capabilities he was good in categories under 45, 50 year old and so on.The problem was that he started to coach young competitors, and he had very high opinion of himself, but actually knew nothing.What happened:he could not give these competitors basic tennis skills, but problem was that he was punishing them with squats and push-ups for not doing he though he should be doing.They could not do it because he did not know how to show them.So it was close circle in which children were punished for something they did not even know why.They practiced a lot but made not progress.They were physically and mentally beaten.They actually stopped growing.
    Once, they parted, they started to grow again, and enjoy their youth.

    This is extrene case what coach who does not know the essence of tennis (and is ambitious at the same time) can do to his students.

    After all advice is:

    Choose a quality tennis coach , and you will never hit a wall.

    The advice I cannot give you is how to recognize a quality tennis coach.It is very difficult at first sight.

    In Depth Description of Bringing a Child Up a Competitive Ladder with Advices and Recommendations
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