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    Tennis Elbow Drives Me Crazy

    I am Guillermo from Spain. I need some help in making up my mind, despite all the information and reviews found in your web i am still a little bit confused.
    Last year I developed a tennis elbow using a Wilson Triad 3.0 after moving from a head radical TI (model from 2001). It was a very important change, because I moved to a lighter racket. My trainer told me the light weight,stiffness and beam, were not guiltys. I needed to improve my backhand, not hitting the ball late to avoid unneccesary effort on my elbow and wrists. If you consider this and the fact I was playing 5 days a week, including some classes, I payed the effort, getting away from tennis for almost four months.
    I am almost completly recovered, but after trying my old head racket and a friend of mine who I borrowed from a head radical 98", both didnīt work out. I am 35, and my medium swing style is not recommended for those models. I hit the ball pretty "flat", without much top spin, and a slice backhand. Anyways I want to take up once again some tennis lessons, to try a new powerful backhand and volleys, (my weak side).
    The thing is I loved my old wilson racket, buy maybe is too light, and too headheavy, even with just a little strings tension; but i am scared of my tennis elbow, perhaps itīs just my mind, but a new beggining requires not look back to the past. i have started looking oout for a new raquet
    I found interesting: WILSON NVISION NCODE 103" AND WILSON N5 NCODE 110" OVERSIZE. I know they are based on the triad tecnology, but i guess both are more modern than mine. My wilson weights 254 gr unstrung and these about 278 gr, 4 HH and 7 HH. They give you power (which i need because of my swing style), but what i read in the reviews with more feel and comfort. I am specially worried about my slice backhand, which suffers more than usual with lights rackets bause of the vibrations. 103" and 110" against my actual 100" might help me at the net with volleys and smashes.who knows.
    do you think itīs worth the pain even I have a close racket to both of them like triad 3.0 is?
    On the other hand most of websites recommend hevay rackets like prokennex knitec Ki5 (which i found similiar to the head radical tour 98"); but I like lighter with bigger head (easier to reach the sweetspot). So i am not sure about what to do, and in spain we have no demo programms.N5 code has a good price, but perhaps is very similar to my old triad 3.0. If someone have experienced about this please let me know...
    Thanks. Guillermo

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    Hi guille92.
    I'm not an expert but there's a very interesting page if you're worried about tennis elbow:

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    May 2006
    Hola Guille,

    The only time I suffered tennis elbow was playing with a Prince Bandit. It was too light compared with my Head Prestige. In my opinion (I'm not an expert but I've been playing tennis 4 days a week for 15 years) the heavier racquet absorbs better the impact. Now I'm playing with a Volkl C10 Pro Tour and it feels great. Try with a heavier racquet. You only have to adjust your swing and your timing.


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    Heavier rackets put more strain on the elbow. I also feel that it absorbs more imapct but mobility is an issue and excess strain is not too good for tennis elbow.

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    I have tennis elbow. Once you get it (the injury), it can always come back, so now I always play with an arm band, soft strings (mutlifilaments), and a racquet that does not have a stiffness greater than 69. You can see stiffness values at Also excercise your forearm with a grip exerciser or by squeezing tennis balls.....Also lift weights to strengthen your forearm......

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    great link tks

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    Dec 2006
    Check out my other post re: tennis elbow.


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    Jun 2006
    Louisville, KY
    Some say that if you grip too tight can cause problems as well as your technique racquet and type of string. Exercises will help. Google exercises for tennis elbow. There are a lot of good sites even with pictures of the exercises.

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