Dear Miss/ Sir,

I would like to interest you in a book that will 100% MOTIVATE ANY TENNIS PLAYER.
I am an Aikido teacher in the Netherlands and for many years I successfully give seminars to make people aware of their potential and how to maximize this.
Among these are seminars for professional athletes.
By translating 51 old samurai sayings for tennis players I have made the mentality of martial arts, accessible for every tennis player.
This will exponentially increase their opportunity to become one of the very best.

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The title is The Way, set and match
The author is Alois Tetelepta
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By buying this book you will not only help yourself, your students or friend (when given as a present)
All the author's benefits will be used to finance accommodation, schooling and training for homeless youth.

Please take a look at (and buy....;-)...) the book (that will positively influence every tennis players development) and please forward this mail.

Thank you,
Alois Tetelepta