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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnH View Post
    I don't believe for one minute that we (humans) are the only sentient beings in the Universe. And having said that, I'd sure as heck like to meet and play tennis with an "alien"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lawn Tennis View Post
    i'm with ya on the view that there is more life out there. but i find it hard to put any trust that theory simply because it is a very rough estimate based on rough estimates at best. still, that's interesting.
    Well, I suppose no theory will ever be fully proven in this sense as the entire universe would need to be known and cataloged. But I do see what you mean. I would say that the random probability as explained by that professor could be polished up a lot better so as to be more accurate.

    A different class I took back in college, with a different professor, was 'The Mathematics of Gambling' and let me tell you, that was one difficult class. Maybe because I didn't work hard enough at it, but I was the top student in my calculus class and calc was really getting "easy" for me. Anyhow, I thought that class was going to be more gambling and less math, but was I wrong about that. I learned that there is a lot more to probability than what meets the eye, or what is generally expected. It can be an extremely precise math. That professor used to make big bucks on the side consulting for the casinos... he would correct the games where the casinos were losing money when their math told them they should be making money (turned out their probability/math was incorrect).

    Back to the alien stuff, I mentioned all that about the probability class just to say that the theory on alien life just based on random probability could surely be done with much more accuracy. There could be so many factors involved, but with enough data the numbers could get quite close. This would be at least somewhat relevant simply because random probability is very often seen in nature. But, the theory still only estimates the number of planets that are capable of supporting life. So there's still chance that life never developed on those planets. Could be another whole giant probability equation regarding the chances that life would develop for any given planet that has the environment necessary to support life. That sure would be interesting. Network Administrator

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    Okay, well I think aliens DO NOT exist. however, i strongly believe that some form of life must be out there. aliens are just fictional characters, just one example of what could be out there.
    the second the big bang happened, something must have made us.
    not just atoms, something which has made other forms of life in different galaxies of the earth.
    I'd like to think that somewhere out there, there is a human race much advanced then us, technologically and sociologically.
    I think there just HAS TO be something out there, i mean.. this whole universe, infinite in size, can't just be what we as humans see can it?

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    Are you a believer

    lol you are right but something about them makes me freak out. About a month ago, we had a huge freaking spider on the wall and my hubby was at work, so I asked my neighbor to come kill it for me and she did.

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    yeah ! i believe because as human is living on the planet earth same as like this many planets are in the galaxy who have life on it , which are so called aliens , may be our space ships have not reached them , but they are somewhere in the galaxy .

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    Quote Originally Posted by FedererFan2 View Post
    Ok... So Whats everyones view on aliens you know life beyond earth, reincarnation and ghosts... I myself believe in them all... What about everyone else...?
    Well i don't believe that there is any aliens in this world.

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