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    Sep 2009

    Greeting from downunder

    Hi all,

    My name is Andy. Currently reside in Brisbane, Australia. I was an A grade player about decade ago, somehow picked up golf and hook onto it - then exclusively doing golf for last few years (and still suck). Just couple of days ago I feel like going back to tennis again and start investigate if a tennis equipment forum will help myself to keep at this great game longer this time.

    I tried to swing my old bat couple of nights ago and realise I actually COMPLETELY forget how to hit a tennis ball!! Lined up a adult coaching session tonight to see if it will help me start from somewhere.

    To be honest I am not really interest in the pro tour news. I am more of a equipment whore and technique junkie.

    I was looking up google for the keyword "tennis forum" and didn't found anything is well organised. (I believe it was part of the reason I quit tennis - hard to find someone who interest in tennis to talk about, and too hard to organise a hit with someone -- sort of like trying to finding a girl friend )

    Then I change my search keyword to Tennis EQUIPMENT forum - which I guess is what I really after - I stumble here. At first glance it looks like it has regular posts and update. It should keep me interested

    Let see how it goes from here - good day guys and gals.

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    Apr 2009
    San Antonio, TX
    Hi Andy! welcome to the forum.

    so i guess you've ended the comparison of playing tennis and riding a bike. the two things that i see wrong with beginners is foot work and an issue with keeping their eye on the ball. it's human nature to look where you're going, hence it can be difficult to break that habit. Foot work is so important and even more so when you're new. this is because a beginner is not going to predict a bounce as well as somebody with more experience. too many times i see rookies plant their feet and reach for the ball. then they unjustly get mad at their swing. so just always tell yourself to watch the ball and to get on top of it.

    There are quite a few knowledgeable coaches and atleast one prior pro currently active here. come join the conversation.

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    Sep 2009
    Thanks for the warm welcome LT.

    Footwork is always my weak point even in the old day. I love to smash ball all that but too lazy to move my bum (legs... I mean) around the court. Anything too hard to reach I just give it up

    Hey, Wilson K6 two, nCode two and Three.FX. Which one you will pick?

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    Feb 2009
    Kilkenny, ireland
    Id pick de ncode... Hey andy... Lawn tennis is probably write about the foot work but if you use to be that good you'll probably be fine after a short while... good luck...

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    Sep 2009
    Just come back from the lesson....

    I just realise how many basic technique I have COMPLETELY forgotten!

    For instant - instead of turn the shoulder before make my way to the ball and swing away, I get to the ball... turn and swing.... I'm an idioit!

    Funny about the coach comment - (with heavy european accent)... you seems good at returning hard hitting ball, but you don't have basic touch.


    Commited to learn tennis from ground zero again. See where I can get to.

    Coach also recommended the following racket: (if I am after feel)

    Wilson K6 one 95
    Dunlop aero gel 300
    Head Radical MP

    Gonna demo those 3 in the following 3 weeks of coaching session

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    Join Date
    Apr 2009
    San Antonio, TX
    Andylo, i can't give you an opinion on these racquets as i've only used the wilson ksix-one. i can tell you that i like the Head Radical i use and certainly prefer it over the wilson.

    yeah, isnt it funny how easy it is to look clumsy and out of place on a tennis court? i'm glad you decided to take it back up. i wish tennis were as big as some other sports like American football.

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