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    Sep 2004
    New England

    The Dallas Cowboys - my personal rant

    Look here it is, I have some things I want to say about my team and I decided to use this venue to get it off my chest. I'm don't care about spelling or grammar or whether anyone can understand what I'm even talking about because this is between me and JJ. Ok JJ, I know you have more money than I will see in my lifetime and I will give you one thing, you are passionate about the game. Sure you want to make money from it but you actually love this game and nobody can take that away from you BUT who the hell are you talking to when it comes to the decisions you've been making in say the past 15 yrs on how to rebuild a winning team again. OIC build a bigger Stadium that should do bcuz it's now obvious the much needed change in QB went to the wrong guy. don't get me wrong JJ old boy but everybody loves TR for sure. He's got the looks and he's a good QB but far from a great one. He still doesn't make the kind of decisions that are required in todays game which has 2B thought of in the same light as those Salary Caps you lie with each Draft Season. Dumping TO might have been a good idea, still too early 2C but if I were you I wouldn't even waste a minute thinking about who else can I get to fill this spot or cover this area ..blah blah blah FOR GET ABOUT THAT CRAP!

    America's Team lacks something that every other team in our Division have down, I hope you're sitting down because I wouldn't want you to fall down when you read these words JJ, ok here it goes SMASH MOUTH FOOTBALL. Never thought I'd hear or read myself say it but my beloved Cowboys are babies. If I could coach for a week this is what I'd do, my pre-game hud would go something like this;

    " Now guys listen up. my job right now is suppose to inspire you to go out there and win a football game. Well I don't give a crap whether you win or lose today. It's still early enough in the season to make a few more blunders and come back from it but today all I want you guys to do is send out a loud no wait, a very loud message across not just the NFC but I want even the guys in the AFC to hear it. The Big D is back. No we are not going to come to your grandma's house after the game for tea, cookies and look at pic of when she was a flapper. Nope not interested, because after today's game we're all going to go get some beer and party by breaking a few bottles over our heads. What we want to do today when we walk out on the field is play Smash Mouth again. I want to see how tough of a team Old JJ actually has.
    I'm not talking about cheap shots and penalties I'm jst talking about showing people we aren't afraid of getting in the mix. Yes not only can we push back but we can start it, we can push first. We aren't concerned about the Pass Rush, hell come on down the doors open. My WR's are gonna sit the bench for at least the 1st Qtr. the playbook? What playbook? Every play is going to be on the ground. We are going to run right down your throats all day long and maybe when there's an obvious opening that my TE is standing in waving his hands while holding a freakin hotdog, ok maybe I'll tell TR to toss it to him but for the most part. I want you guys to run run run run run run until the Ref's get tired or running back-n-forth. Pound the Ground is the call of the day. We have to show the NFL that the DCs' are not afraid to pound the ground. Is there anyone in this room that doesn't understand what I'm talking about? I'm not talking about surprise sneak plays where it looks like we're gonna run and fly the ball instead, TR is not going to break 50 yds in the air today. Sorry guy but none of you receivers are going to get any photo coverage of one-handed catches today. We are going to POUND THE GROUND and the reason we're going to do this is because we've gone away from what the other teams that are making it to Post Season do every week. They beat the crap out of ya and the kids in the league that can't deal with hard hitting smash mouth, always find themselves going home right after Christmas. Are you guys tired of going home every Christmas? Would you like to see & feel what winning a few post season games are like again? The only way you're gonna do that again is remember what it was like to not only get physical but BE physical again"

    This is what I would do as coach for a week. Because I'm tired of seeing these guys coming off the Field looking as good as they did when they trotted on. I think the Cowboys have become too weak, too afraid to take a good hit, too afraid of going up after the ball when it counts. Heck I'd bet money that the Texas Long Horns could beat the Dallas Cowboys right now. It's all too pretty and pretty isn't FOOTBALL. If you can do that for one game I swear it will change a few game plans for the following week. Nobody will know what to expect from you. When you rush the ball, think about Charles Haley. He simply wanted you and the protectors had to move out of his way. It took three sometimes four guys to hold Charles back. Hey JJ, why don't you draft some guys straight out of prison that want to hurt people?

    Once the team remembers how to run the ball for the purpose of moving the chains and not the photo shoot, then you'll get the respect that you guys don't have anymore. Nobody is afraid of the Dallas Cowboys anymore


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    Sep 2004
    New England
    Just for the sake of my own satisfaction, the Cowboys won their battle today on Monday Night Football by doing what I suggestion .. Running the Freaking Ball. They have to start getting dirty as I see it ... They have to begin to play for themselves and not for the critics.

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