I actually tried the previous version 3 hundred as well. But I don't really like it (not as good control as the current model) so doesn't need the mentioning.

Again, significantly lighter than the Wilson Six One 95 and in fact is the lighter than the Head YouTek Radical MP as well.

Head rim is slightly bigger than both Wilson and Head. I would have thought the sweet spot is also bigger but it doesn't feel like it.

Ground stoke.... I need a bit more get used to to be able to put comment. But so far the Wilson is stands out on the ground stroke in my list.

Serve is okay. Again I still feel the Wilson is slightly better.

What the 300 really stands out is the Volley. With bigger face and the lightest of the 3 its actually QUITE easy to volley! And very easy to move either side to hit the shot. Much more stable compare to Head and especially Wilson (I feel Wilson has a lot of vibration on volley shots)

I am tossing between the 300 and the 6.1 95 now.... I need to have another couple of games before I can make a decision. (I hate situation like this!)