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    ralm Guest

    Online tennis - help needed.

    Hey all..

    I have a 9 yrs old kid who just figured out that she loves tennis. So she decided to start pratice and tennis school will start in 1 month.

    She was on tennis court 2 times and shes not bad at all in m oppinion, but i would love to introduce her more into tennis until tennis school start. I need ur help.

    Im searching for some links with pictures or videos with tennis basic so i can pratice with her until school starts. Would u please link me to those sites??

    Appreciate any answer.

    Thank u!

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    Not sure about videos, but good links none the less.
    Good Luck on the Court!
    Scott Baker
    Forum -

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    Sep 2005

    training junior players

    At, you will find a series of articles featuring drills you can do with groups of kids by David Bower.

    Currently, I am documenting a one-year study of how I will be training my 8 year old daughter using the Advanced Foundation, (the cornerstone teaching philosophy of my book, TENNIS MASTERY). I will provide the learning progression, drills, and methodology that I use to train all junior and adult reach their tennis potential.

    This is not a 'hit and giggle' program...but, as with all of our juniors, it provides a fun--but challenging--method of learning proper techniques needed to become a skilled player.

    The first of this series is the feature article of the new year's issue. (TennisOne has two to three feature articles every ten days in addition to their library of thousands of video clips and over 800 tennis lesson articles.)

    Hope this helps and good luck!
    Dave Smith
    Senior Editor,
    Dunlop Master Professional
    USPTA P-1
    Former Board Member USPTA Intermountain
    Owner, St. George Tennis Academy
    Co-Author, HIDDEN MICKEY (A Walt Disney Mystery)

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    Nov 2006

    natural path

    My opinion is...just wait for the month and let her get proper techniques with her teacher or else, she might get confused.
    I saw so many parents who had great expectation from their kids and transferring pressure on them, leading no where.
    What is a month in lifetime ?
    Some kid even told me they hate playing with their parents because they feel they know better than them but because they are less strong they loose with parents telling them what to do.
    So, if she likes it let her make her own experience and your share will be just playing with her to enjoy the game (?).
    Enjoy her progress and yours !

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    I agree somewhat with danquest. Imitating technique from videos or reading can lead to bad technical habits. These habits could be difficult to break if not corrected early. I would advise that you have her learn from a professional coach(es) so that she will learn good technique from early on.

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    HI has many great articles for parents who are getting their children into the sport. You can use this code to get free membership: lovetennis, go to the promotional code area of the homepage and type it in. There are also hundreds of video clips to check out but watch out trying to copy pro strokes with young kids, there are progressive steps that a child has to make before looking like a pro.

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    Check out and

    Good Luck!
    Get Re-Strung!

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    I have some good sites for videos.
    When you get to this site click on Q for Bjorn and Sheila Wait till it loads (wont take longer than 30 seconds) You can freeze the frame, rewind, fastforward anytime.
    THese next ones are great short simple videos which have a real coach on them. It shows forehand, backhand, and fun smash. Use this one. THe next one is the best site for photos that show the different kinds of grips.
    Last edited by federer0001; 02-25-2007 at 05:13 PM. Reason: not enough sites

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    Use the Wegner Method

    We used it from the standpoint of Play Like the Pros. Any and all of the websites listed will show you how the professional players play. Our son watched James Blake and copied his style and game. see for yourself:

  10. #10 has 25 clip videos When all else fails please go to my favorite site which is this:
    Last edited by federer0001; 02-25-2007 at 10:47 PM. Reason: add more info

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    Online coaching site

    I am currently building an online coaching site (click link) that I think would be useful. The site has free videos in which i instruct pupils on various strokes. Players can send their own videos in for analysis and also their questions and comments via skype (or email).

    Hope this helps - best of luck...

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    Jan 2008
    freeport, TX
    hey i'm a tennis player from TX. and if your looking for some tennis videos you can go to or and they have some pretty good videos on tennis.

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