As I was posting in the Tennis Clinic thread, I came upon an idea at first thinking I would direct to the SoCal coaches, since there are a number of them in that area, but decided to open the invitation to all MTM coaches.

Lake Havasu City, Az is a premier vacation spot on the Colorado River about 140mi so of Las Vegas, and I thought if one of you ever have thought of vacationing here, and would also like to make a few dollars to help pay for your visit, I would commit to a package of lessons (private for me, or semi private if my tennis partner would commit for a week), and also promote the event to my tennis club so that maybe you could get more chances to have more students. This would be for the Winter/Spring time only, as it gets too hot in Summer. Hotel/Motels rates are quite reasonable during that time as long as you don't schedule during any holidays and Spring Break times.

The only problem I can think of is I don't know the policy for outside paid instruction at our local high school which is where I play along with our tennis club. If that is a problem, then I (and my tennis partner if he wants lessons also) could just pay you privately.

If you like this idea, please feel free to pm me with any questions.