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    Quote Originally Posted by tennisplayer View Post
    I am in the process of revising my volleys, with a view to playing more at the net than I currently do. I have looked at Oscar Wegner's tips on volleys, and they work great, but I still have a problem with manipulating my footwork so that I keep moving forward through the volley. I tend to stop at the volley. Is there a simple tip or cue that will help keep the feet moving through the volley? Also, I notice that great volleyers like Edberg and Sampras take the volley on the foot nearest to the ball (the outside foot), and step into it with the other (inside) foot. I sometimes end up taking the volley on the "wrong" foot - does this matter as long as one keeps moving through the shot? Thanks in advance.
    Simple solution: place a tennis racket across your feet when practicing volleys. It's in the hands, not the feet.

    PS - there are lots of good suggestions posted here; this easy fix designed to force the player to use his hand to find the ball is one of Oscar Wegner's "Basics". For more on his perspective on the volley you can continue this discussion on his MTM forum. Otherwise, this thread is very informative.
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    Hi Tennis Angel, I think I have my hand movements down as per Oscar's book (across, not through)... I do okay in warmups and practice where much movement is not really needed. While playing, however, the legs come into the picture since the ball never comes where one wants it, unfortunately! The goal of all the movement, of course, is to get the hands to the right position. Since there is no racquet head speed in a volley, unlike a ground stroke, I normally hold the racquet a little closer to the body for stability, and try to move into the shot to give it some "go". After this hand/arm maneuvering, movement comes into the picture again, because one has to get ready for the next volley - TK's and 10s1's comments address this perfectly. Net net - I'm happy with the results, but need to practice a heck of a lot more!

    The guy I played yesterday is a 5.0 player who played for his university in Tokyo, and his shots are solid. At 4.5, I can rally and practice very well with him but when we play a match, you can see who's superior quite easily! Anyway, I need to move like heck when playing him at the net, and the tips in this thread are right on track. We are going to practice again tomorrow... can't wait!

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