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    Oscar Wegner Testimonials

    Following are a handful of comments received during 2009:

    From a professional coach in Helsinki where Oscar gave clinics in May of this year:

    "It's been a little more than 48 hours since you left, "Pontti" (The ski jumping coach) is very excited on the tennis court, he looks like a kid who loves his new toy...Ville has really been touched by your visit, he is looking forward to playing well in tournaments this summer...I can say that our coaches here are very excited and we will have a great season starting in August. I hope you will come back to Helsinki, so we can show you our beautiful city and culture. Next time I bet all of our coaches will be there, many of them now regret the fact they couldn't make it."

    From a coach in New Hampshire:

    "Watching past successes continue to bloom, many girls from the after school jr high club are now prominent members of the varsity (a strong squad standing at 12-1 and poised to make a run at states). Portsmouth High both boys and girls have had terrific runs in past several years with my little Wegner-ites at the forefront."

    From a high school player in Texas:

    "In 2 years I've gone from not being able to hit the ball over the net 3 times in a row to a champion! thanks to this method and a great coach!! Thanks Oscar!! Thanks coach Wright! Thanks MTM!! I'm now a big fan!!!"

    From a former National Singles and Doubles Champion, Orange Bowl Winner and ACC Singles Champion:

    "Oscar, I am really enjoying advising my daughter with her tennis in a new way from watching the videos and reading the book I ordered from you."

    From a veteran player in Miami:

    "Iíve been playing tennis over 20 yrs but discovered Oscarís techniques about 2 yrs ago and since it radically changed my game and approach to tennis I now tell people Iíve only been playing tennis for 2 years. My previous history was the same one yearís experience multiplied 20 times. In fact, it seems that Oscarís simple and do-able explanations to technique correct problems so much quicker than the USTA teaching approaches...when folks noticed a sudden improvement in my game I gave out the secret...I heartily recommend Oscarís approach to beginners and established players alike! I just wish I was 20 years younger to absorb this tennis approach!"

    From a grandmother in Southern California:

    "Hi, Oscar, what an incredible treat it was for our family to have our "clinic" today! Everyone loved it. You have no idea what an impact you made, for each individual...Thanks two million times over."

    From a player in the UK:

    "Hi, I watched your DVD about 10 times and went out and game was 10X better. People said they couldn't believe how hard and better I was hitting the ball."

    From a player in NJ:

    "Three years ago, at age 64, I started to learn to play tennis starting with your book. Fortunately for me, your book brought out that tennis can be simple to learn. That was for me since I was particularly interested in learning the proper fundamentals to start playing tennis. And, along the way my wife and I got hooked on watching the pros play tennis. And because of your teaching methods (book and videos), we see and understand how they do what they do. Pretty cool."

    From a recently certified MTM coach in Texas:

    "Students are playing really well, I couldn't be happier, and the adults have improved a lot!! I predict an MTM takeover of Texas!!!"

    From a coach in Maine after a series of clinics earlier this year:

    "Just wanted to say thank you again for coming up to Maine and for the great clinics that you ran. I have heard nothing but great feedback from those who participated and I know we all learned a lot."

    From a MTM certified coach in Atlanta:

    "I have met those who hear of your methods or have seen the videos, just can't seem to grasp the significance of these critical differences you point out. I have also met many players that do get it and love what you are doing! Thanks for your great work."

    From a 6.0 player and MTM coach:

    "So the reason I teach MTM is that it works. I love Oscar Wegner's comparisons of tennis to martial arts...MTM technique is like this. You learn the important mechanics, they are simple and uncomplicated. You begin, over time, to express these mechanics without thought because of their simplicity and you feel freedom. This is a very joyful state to be in when playing tennis."

    From a tennis parent in New Zealand:

    "I am a tennis parent with no background in tennis, but my daughter now 15 has been playing tennis since about 9 and has natural talent for the game and a driving passion. She plays year around now and attends a high performance tennis academy...When I watched it all seemed rather contrived and made to appear more difficult than it should have, but who was I to know and comments were not welcome. When I read Oscar Wegnerís book I showed her some of his methods and her game immediately improved, particularly footwork."

    From a couple in So Cal:

    "On October 17th I picked up a racquet for the first time since 1981 and it was the first time ever for my wife. A friend told me about a windshield wiper swing instead of my flat forehand swing and I sought out a local (USPTA) pro. We took one lesson for 30 minutes (where she showed us the swing) and two more hour lessons where she threw balls to us and had us hit it over the net... like I was five-years-old. Somewhere in there I bought your discs and a few weeks later we took your class. My wife was SO EXCITED that she learned to "play tennis" in three hours. She never knew how to serve, how to do a backhand or a volley."

    From a player in Maryland:

    "I've been a 3.5 USTA player for about 15 years, took many lessons and progressed slowly. The last 2 years I was 26-3 in the men's and senior mens division and just got moved up to 4.0 ---I'm a believer. Thanks.

    From a renowned veteran of 30 years coaching domestically and internationally at every level, including high school, college, Davis Cup, ATP Tour and WTA Tour:

    "I saw Oscar at the USPTA conference and purchased the DVDs. I was deeply moved by them for several reasons. I have for many years taught tennis, not as a swinging sport like golf and baseball, but as a catching and throwing sport. I consider the racquet a glove without fingers. By doing so, I tap into the natural inclinations of the athlete allowing eye/hand and foot/eye coordination to flow. I was thrilled to see it said in much the same way. I have often wondered what my forehand was like before it was tampered with and why veterans were trying to copy it. It must have been as Oscar described it."

    From a coach in Florida:

    "I have talked to Richard Williams 3 times through the years. He told me he used Oscar's early tennis tips to get his daughters started. I also know a boy who just got a full ride to University of Florida. His dad also used Wegner's information for his first 10 years. Oscar's presentation has been used to produce players who destroy other players trained for years by technical coaches."

    From a player in Hong Kong:

    "I aspired to learn tennis in 2008 to enjoy a sport that can play for a life time. Initially I learnt from a tennis coach for almost a year learning conventional teaching methods. However, I did not improve despite almost a year of weekly lessons. Finally I stopped the learning totally. I remembered early in this year when I played with my brother and his friends it's so embarrassing that I can't rally the ball and can't serve and return serve. I am so frustrated and embarrassed by the failure for playing even the most basic strokes. It leads me to read your book "Play Better Tennis in 2 Hours" in the university library and I can start learning some of your teachings. You contrasted the conventional myths and the actual pro playing. I was thrilled to clarify these myths and began to practice your principles in the book. I tell you what: I can now confidently master rallying for more than 20 balls back and forth. I can serve reliably and return serve confidently. At a leisure playing level, I "suddenly" become the best player among my friends. Most importantly, I can now enjoy tennis and at times I can hear your words of encouragements: "Perfect", "It's easy", "Excellent" and the confident smiles you appear time and again."

    From a tennis teacher in New Jersey:

    "About two years ago I was going blind with cataracts and believe it or not I was worried how I was going to play tennis. I came across you web site talking about waiting for the bounce and windshield wiper strokes and ordered the DVDs. It took me about 5 minutes of viewing to find out that for thirty plus years I really didn't know how to play. The more lessons I took the more I stayed the same. Great physical abilities allowed me to play well despite my training...I am built to a tee like Rafa but had powder puff strokes. In two days against the wall with your course I transformed into a animal...Guys I played thought I was lying about my eyes. Soon after I had both lenses replaced to restore my site to 20/20. I started teaching your methods because so many of the players I hit against just couldn't keep the ball in. I have transformed many of these players into great hitting partners. I find teaching, giving it away reinforces the basics of my game. Compare that to most teachers who complain that teaching hurts their game. They are teaching one game and playing another. I wish I had found you thirty -five years ago."
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