Hey All,

Just thought I'd try to get some feedback about a Tennis App we've made for the iPhone. Between us there were a lot of tennis players, coaches and interested parties, and we tried to come up with an application that would let Parents (mainly) score matches on their iPhone/iPod Touch and then share those matches with their kids coach. The idea was that the coach could have detailed stats and the parents could be kept busy (while still being able to enjoy the match). We came up with many, many prototypes but in the end settled for the simplest option of scoring just the last point, and letting the user go into as much (or little) detail as needed. So for example you can score a winner, or a forehand winner, or a winning forehand passing shot. We'd like to think we achieved this in a way that caters to most people.

Anyway you can find more details (and a video) here:

What we'd really like (more than just people buying it) is some honest feedback from people that play (and watch) tennis day in and day out. Any comments you guys have would be invaluable