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    Feb 2010

    6th Sense Tennis Academy

    Hi Everybody,
    I see there is no topic for 6th Sense Tennis Academy, a "young" academy comparative to others.
    6th Sense Tennis Academy is the Academy of Justine Henin & Carlos Rodriguez. You can discover it on

    See you soon!

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    Question 6th sense academy

    with 1350 Euros per week for tennis and boarding another high priced alternative ( 3 hours tennis, 1 hour fitness .... per day)
    it looks like it is a small group of players (around 25) with most of them in the 16 to 18 age category but if someone with a top national ranking has tried it out please let me know what you think
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    Feb 2010
    This price is for individual coaching, so 3 hours tennis/day with 1 coach on 1 court and 1 hour physical. I hope some people can give information about their experience

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    Question 6th Sense Academy

    Of course it is individual coaching but this is not another word for Privates. Probably 2/3 players per court and coach.
    I am a bit sickened where this whole price spiral for tennis is going. In europe the average household nets 2-3000 Euros per month after taxes,
    1350 per week plus airfare/transportation is crazy which reminds me that Mouratoglu in Paris with 1800.00 per week is still the top
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    Feb 2010
    Hi Brutus, it's sure, it's a lot of money! And it can be ok to pay a lot of money if you have the right service! At 6th Sense, if you pay 1350€/week, it's for private lessons (with 1 player and 1 coach). If the player can enter a little group (2/3 other players) for training, it's not the same price, it's better price offcourse. But it's sure tennis stay an expensive sport, when you have to pay the coach, the court, the material, etc.

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    Question 6th Sense Tennis Academy

    Hello Cath,

    I donīt believe the price is for 3 hours a day of private lessons, no academy does it that way and there is nothing on their web site that says otherwise so I am not sure where you get this information from. There are only 4 Head Coaches who look like they are or have been players at a high level themselves and below the age of 40, you have 25 kids in the annual programme already which means this will get tricky to have staff for privates especially if 3 or more good players show up for the same week. This system will work for the average junior player but not for the good ones.
    But lets say hypothetically for one moment this would be the case : the fun and goal in using an academy for your son or daughter is to train and play matches against other juniors of the same or better level (pyramid principle) . By playing 3 hours with a pro, he has to be either a top player (former ATP) himself or the lesson would be boring and unproductive after the first 2 days. Now why would someone go there for 1 week and only play with one person every day not to mention that 3 hours 1 on 1 gets monotone after a couple of days anyway. Every top junior has his federation coach or someone he or she trusts back home. Why would I come all the way to Belgium not knowing who that coach is and if he is good or not and if the chemistry is right between the two and spend 15 Private lessons with him without any matches ? If this is what a weekly intensive is supposed to be than I have to say that the web site does not do a good job in explaining it.
    I think it is pretty clear what the last question would be :
    How much does it cost for the standard weekly programme with 3 hours of tennis and 1 hour of fitness in a group of 3 ??
    Last edited by brutus maximus; 02-18-2010 at 02:18 PM.

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    Feb 2010
    There is an update of the website, with the different possibilities and all the prices at 6th sense for programs. Here are the prices, and there are some details for each program.

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    6th Sense Academy

    thanks for the correction of the web site , I am aware of the fact that you are still a relative new academy and things will even out as time progresses. With 900 Euros for boarding 1 week you are quite a bit more expensive than Bruguera and little more than ISP and Sanchez - Casal.
    This is a forum where people can express their opinions,experiences etc. regarding tennis academies. We are happy that representatives of such academies post here and try to promote their employer but there are always 2 sides to a story and by reading this here helps to avoid disappointment later on.
    Last edited by brutus maximus; 03-04-2010 at 03:37 AM.

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    Feb 2010
    Hi Brutus,
    Ok, it's just the price, you don't know exactly what is the service offered, you see the difference between academies once you test it, and some people will have better feeling with Brugera, other with Sanchez, other with 6th Sense, etc. It's the reason it's good there are different academies, because everybody is different and is waiting different things from an Academy. If you only see the price, you always go to the cheaper one then.

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    6th Sense Tennis Academy

    We are living in a competitive world and price is and always will be one of the criterias a customer will judge a product by. 6th Sense Tennis Academy has priced itself with 900 Euros at the top of the range and time will tell if they offer a better or even different product than the others.
    Last edited by brutus maximus; 03-04-2010 at 03:22 AM.

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    Feb 2010
    There are Testing days at 6th Sense, in June, for players who would like to enter the full time program in 2010-2011.

    The informations are there:

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