Twenty years ago, I lost my backhand when I stopped playing for 7 years. I never re-gained it. I think my HS coach used a mneumonic device or visual to teach me. Was it "dot the ball" w/the butt end of the racquet? I can't remember. Perhaps I had a small stroke and that side no longer works. People would say, "never hit to his backhand." Now they say, "hit to his backhand." In my efforts to regain my backhand, I now hit two-handed, one-handed, and a slice backhand. Yes, I hit all 3 depending on the ball. (My original backhand was one-handed). It seems I have no orientation and confidence on that side, especially with anything deep and hit hard. My forehand is just the opposite, but I usually get killed in matches even by players I shouldn't lose to. Any ideas to start with?