Leading tennis website TennisEarth.com has now launched an interesting round the clock Wimbledon Quiz to keep tennis lovers entertained (and puzzled..., in an intriguing way ofcourse) during the swashbuckling Grand Slam fortnight.

The Quiz, that started on Saturday, Jun 20th, talks about all trivial and major happenings related to Wimbledon's rich history, tradition, and record books. There is a total of three questions that are scheduled to be asked every 8 hours with the first question of the day appearing at 00:00 hours GMT.

So far the response has been overwhelming with thousands of visitors submitting their answers to get past each other in the winner's race. In addition to this, there is a leaderboard that exhibits the top participants along with their scores.

Click here to go to the current Quiz Leaderboard.

Each question has a 24 hour validity after which it is withdrawn from the website and the descriptive answer is simultaneously shown on the leaderboard. Once the question is taken off the site, the score accumulated by attempting the question also includes in the individual score. Any participant, during the 24 hour span can change his/her answer.

So what are you waiting for, log on to www.tennisearth.com and participate in the interesting Wimbledon Quiz to take a reality check on how well you know your favourite tournament and the stars.