Nathan McLain has competed professionally and provided tennis lessons and coaching for professional athletes within the sport. His knowledge, dedication, and experience with both playing and coaching tennis has made him one of the leading authorities on tennis technique development and improvement.

His coaching methods mimic those he has utilized to win in competitions with other seasoned and strong athletes. These coaching techniques include focusing and development the elements which Mr. McLain feels are strongly needed to ensure success while playing on the field, such as:

Increasing muscle strength to drive the ball faster and smoother without causing injury to the player.
Adapting the mindset of the player to each individual game and learning, analyzing, and exploiting the anticipated moves of opponents.
Helping players understand the strategies behind tennis and how to both emulate the styles of successful players while also developing their own.
Addressing the common problems and weaknesses of players and helping them adjust and learn to avoid these problems and weaknesses.
Teaching players the fundamentals of the game and ensuring that their ultimate success comes from a strong understanding of the game and how to play it to ensure they have the maximum advantages on their side.

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