Before the first lessons start, all trainees has to be videoed and evaluated in a feedback form for both backhand & forehand shots made from baseline. At the end of the process they ought to be evaluated by the same rater in order to have an objective measuring of the advance they made. The form is to be filled separately for backhand and forehand as well. The instructor gives a copy to the trainee at the end of the process. The idea is to let them understand their performance and work on their weak elements while playing for fun.

Feedback form for biomechanical rating of strikes before combined training

Name_____________________________ Age____ Vocation_________________________

“Tennis history”__________________________________________ _____________________

__________________________________________________ __________________________

Rating of biomechanical tasks in strikes from the base line Backhand Forehand

Description of task Very poor Requires great improvement Reasonable Good
Maintaining ready position
Eye tracking of ball
Degree of rearward twist of trunk
Keeping shoulders parallel
Keeping wrist locked
While striking
Use of the weaker arm
Backward swing path until stopping of hand
Position of weak leg for stabilizing
Transfer of weight to balls of feet
Balance and stabilization using weak leg
Swing path for hitting by the body line
Impact zone
Arm location after swinging
Ability to return to ready position

General comments:_________________________________________ __________________

__________________________________________________ _________________________

Specific comments:_________________________________________ _________________

__________________________________________________ _________________________

Name of rater: ____________________________