Stage C

This step is conducted during the fourth and fifth lesson.
Mental practice should be repeated at the first part of the lessons.

On one side of the court, cones are placed marking the distance to last 1.5 meters of the court.

The trainee's has to stand across the court behind the baseline on either side, when the instructor is placed among them. Their goal is to hit the ball into the marked area while achieving ballistic which is not too steep.
Strikes are being performed by own delivery.

Each trainee should concentrate on the main problem diagnosed in the previous lesson. Its improvement is crucial to the process even when by doing so, other components of the strike are being neglected.

After improvement is being achieved at the most serious problem, the instructor has to switch the practice to the following serious problem, and so on.

Hitting the ball into the coned area is not the initial goal. The idea is to repair strikes and make the trainee feel and also understand the connection between biomechanical aspects of the strike and achieving tasks while practicing it.
Self delivery improves not only the sequence of movement, but also helping to adjust body angle to the ball while striking. It improves timing and understanding better the "impact zone" issue both sensually and intellectually.

A full lesson has to be dedicated to practice shots made from only one body side.
Trainees should be encouraged to express their opinions on the performance of their partners.
In case the trainee is "loosing it" completely, exercise has to be stopped in order to perform mental repetition of movement described at "Biomechanics of Baseline Strikes in Tennis".