Step D.

This step is conducted at the sixth lesson.
This phase is designed to improve body balance during impact.
Preliminary stage: trainee has to perform mental practice.

AT the first stage, trainees stand on the baseline hitting balls by their own delivery while shifting their weight to their leaning leg only. It has to be performed to the point where the strike is reasonably good so it can reach the far end of the court without losing balance. The drill goes for backhand and forehand as well.
Drill time: 40 minutes, 20 minutes for each side.

After this stage trainees stand on one side of the court conducting strikes with their instructor while using leaning foot only as previously rehearsed.
The intensity and angles of these passing shots has to be restricted to a degree where it does not force the trainee to make more than 2 steps in order to perform it. One trainee is practicing forehand while the other is using backhand. Passing shots are been delivered to each trainee in a following order. It allows each trainee to watch his partner (between shots) and learn from his mistakes. After practicing half of the time trainees switch from backhand to forehand and vise versa.
Drill time: 40 minutes, 20 minutes for each side.
At the rest of the time trainees are playing against each other, measuring their ability and the sense they get by playing against someone at their level.
At this stage the instructor should stop the process only from time to time adding his remarks trying not to interrupt the drill flow too often.
The drill serves a good "sense" of balance with the trainee while conducting the shrikes.
It seems that just by doing it, it arouses good feeling and enjoyment through out the drill. It is recommended from time to time for the instructor to demonstrate how loosing of balance looks like. It certainly brings up smiles and help getting the attention of the trainees to the task in hand. At the beginning the drill starts at the rectangle serve area. Distance is extended after a progress is being achieved.
It is recommended, as in every step to encourage correcting comments among the trainees.