I coach a high school tennis team in Oregon. Those of you familiar with Oregon know it rains a lot and unfortunately we do not have an indoor facility in the town I live in. As a result, we spend a lot of time working with the kids in the gymnasium. It is less than ideal to be working with 30+ kids in a gym using the volleyball net to make a single tennis court. Although, I cannot complain too much as I have a better facility than many of the other coaches around. As a result, I am looking for some equipment to make working in the gym more interesting. One thing I have been looking at is a heavy-duty portable tennis net to use, and found the one below, but I cannot find anyone that has used it. Anyone have any experience with these or something like it and have an opinion about it?

I have also been trying to find something portable to put on the floor to replicate the lines of a tennis court to teach movement in double along with some other drills. I have used painters tape in the past, but it has to be removed every day, not to mention the time it takes to measure everything out with a tape measure. Something precut and that goes down and comes up easy would be great. Any suggestions?

Additionally, I am looking for any other suggestions on equipment that I should look into in order to make working indoors better for the kids.