4000 BC, the ancient Egyptians invented the method of glass production, development of glass container and
it has started. Around 1500 BC, skilled craft glass perfume bottles have appeared, common is the dark blue,
opaque or transparent, with zigzag striped pattern of blue, white or yellow decoration,
this is the typical tensile g (Lalique) style.

In eighteenth Century, Chinese porcelain as new materials are being used to make perfume bottle.
Germany's Mason (Meissen), France's Sefolo (Sevres), Britain's Chelsea (Chelsea) and some other places,
have become the center of porcelain porcelain production, perfume bottle simple style began to
appear in the dresser on fashion house. Syria after the invention of the glass blowing art glass,
can make setting before cooling, but this is a great progress in technology.
Then the method of glass blowing into a mold, the same shape of the bottle can be repeatedly produced.
By the end of nineteenth Century, the sale of perfume shops most while the ordinary container,
but smart perfume division has begun to perfume bottle at home, so it needs many beautiful bottles sold,
to meet the different needs of individuals. Since then, appearance of the bottle became an important factor to
determine the perfume sales, design objective of perfume bottles also become to attract people who have the
potential purchasing desire.

At the same time, the Greeks and Romans also used alabaster,
agate and porphyry in material bottles for perfume bottle, can keep cool, the perfume and easy storage. So far in the Greek and Rome still use the perfume bottle of these materials, but the design elegant a lot. Perfume bottle of ancient Rome is often made with the bird, animal and head pattern jar.