Hey Tennis Players:

I am looking for tennis practice partners; tennis players who would like to improve their game. I'd like to work on 1st/2nd serves, ground strokes, net, touch volleys, the works.
I picked up my first racket when I was 12 and played quite a lot for years, then on and off. I am around a 3.5 rating (average) but there is a 5.0 in me somewhere - just have to find the groove through practice. I'd be happy to step onto a court with a player of any level, male or female. Singles practice is fine but so is doubles; playing out points, games, sets, or just hits. I live in the Manhattan Beach area of Brooklyn, New York, and I have a NYC Permit for the summer through the fall. My email address is rmike44044@aol.com and my cellular is 917-468-0739 for contact. As the great Andre Agassi said not too long ago, "tennis has to be fun when you walk onto the court." My philosophy too. Mike.