My name is Sandy.
I created a tennis website this year to provide players, parents and coaches with information and instructional videos. All the information and half the videos are free once you register.
I am a professional tennis coach that works in Dubai now, but has previously worked in Dallas TX, London UK, France and Spain. I played on the Futures and Challengers tour back in the day and have been lucky enough to get a good education in physical training.

I just want to help provide information to people about tennis, as its a difficult sport to learn and in most countries its not always easy to find out about.
I am not planning it to be a forum based site like tennisw, although there is a small forum should people have questions. It is mainly a place where people can hopefully find out how to train and improve their tennis and fitness.

Please have a look and I would appreciate any feedback you have, the site is:


Thank you for your time
Energizer Tennis