I am a new member here. I am a tennis coach from Slovakia ( eastern europe) with international experiences that I can compare tennis training ways. So, I think tennis was really goog or phantastic in the USA years a go, then in Germany years a go. Nowadays maybe the best tennis is in the eastern europe ( girls, woman) probably in Spain, as well ( only men). Do any statistics of any tournaments and you can see the real situation, maybe in each tournament are more than half of best 8 from eastern europe ( russia, czech republic, belarus, slovakia). I am from the city where was born M. Hingis. The girls tennis in our city is pretty good (some of girls are one of the best in europe or in the world). Boys tennis is not good enough now, but I think it will take a time to get better. Conditions in here are really poor but we still prefer our way to coach tennis (sometimes as during comunism regime-that time was maybe the best tennis in czechoslovakia). A few players were at Bolletieri academy or in Spain academy, but it was really comercial coaching, nothing else, just pay for everything. In our country is same problem with coaches but I think is still better than very popular commercial coaching in the USA or G.Britain. So , thatī s my opinion, so far.