well i just graduated HS last may and i dont really know my calling for life. i love tennis with a passion-played either 1 singles or doubles for 3/4 of my HS career- and so i want to be a tennis coach. i dont really know much about MTM but from what an MTM instructor on another forum was saying, i agree with the concepts. anyways, i am trying to becoming a MTM teacher soon and eventually working my way up. right now i want to coach high school aged kids and adults in the area, but someday i do want to move up to a teaching at a nice club.

my only Qs so far are: do you have to start as an apprentice(looking at the description i seem to "advanced" because it says its for people with not a lot of tennis exp). or could i start at a teacher. along with that, i would have to send a video "demonstrating ability to deliver the methodology to students" does anyone have a video that i could use an example?
well, thats me and if anyones willing to help me out your help will be greatly appreciated,