If you use a racquet that is geared towards an advancedplayer you will have a lot more control on your shots but you may sacrificesome power unless you use the right string to compensate. You can make up forthat loss of power with a more elastic string. That combination of an advancedplayers frame and an elastic string is the perfect combination for not onlyavoiding tennis elbow and other arm problems but also having a perfect balanceof power, control and feel. Don't be fooled into thinking you can play betterwith a larger lighter racquet, the type typically recommended for beginners orintermediates. Those beginners frames are the same racquets that lead to armproblems. The best racquets for avoiding arm problems are heavier, head lightbalanced and flexible. That is what the pros customize their racquets for, theyare not really using what you think; their racquets are highly customized asthey can't afford to risk tennis elbow using lighter stiff racquets. Some ofthe best racquets today for playability and for being arm friendly include theBabolat Pure Storm LTD GT (95) and the Dunlop Biomimetic 200 (95). Some of thebest arm friendly strings include the Babolat Xcel and the Wilson NXT. You canfind a lot more information about these products and many others plus a lotmore great information at this website .