We moved home and what a mission it was to find a new tennis coach. We asked around and most people gave us the name of one specific coach - he even coaches most of the primary school children in the area. We though - let's give him a try and we phoned him. He had an attitude of he does not really DO PRIVATE COACHING - only squats and group sessions. Our son needs to play against other children so we decided to take him for an "assessment" with coach A.

Coach A was a minute late and did not even gave us feedback after the lesson. People standing around could not believe how this 8 year old could play. He gave us dates and time where our son could start. We though our son needs to play tennis with children his own age so we decide to take him.

We were so discouraged after the first GROUP lesson and felt something was missing. We started phoning around and someone else gave us the name of a French coach in another town. We made the appointment and took our son for an assessment lesson.

Coach B was already at the tennis court waiting for us. He gave feedback after the lesson and said he really would like to be part of our son's tennis coaching. He gives technical coaching and it is a pleasure to watch him coach our son.

After 6 weeks we could not cope with coach A and have taken him away from Coach A as he is doing MORE DAMAGE to our son's tennis.

Coach A needs money to make sure both his sons can play tennis - apparently both his sons are good.