hi everyone,

well i am a mum and absolutely in turmoil. my son is a passionate 10 year old who loves his tennis. he is regular torunament goer. plays in invitation squads 3 times a week and had 2 one 2 one sessions with a private coach. like with all kids his age....the potential is there...everything and anything is possible and we just about keping our heads above the water regarding the costs all this involves. i have 3 other kids who all enjoy tennis and go to group lessons and i am aiaming that they will enjoy tennis more as a sport hobby than thinking of going pro. but i do have hopes for my 10 year old and like any parent want to give him the best chance possible.
now my problem is this. in the uk it is pretty much straight forward right now....he plays at county level and things are just about bearable fiancially and we are aimning to carry on this way. he is currently playing the green balls here so he is not on a full size yellow ball as of yet.
so everything is going ok...is all settled but things may be upped and turned upside down for all of us if we decide to moved to the US, atalnata georgia in the possible future. after readiong the post on here i realize although i complain of the UK system and all...america seems even more baffling. i need a low down about how it works there. what the system for the 10U is like. my sons birthday is october the 21st 2000. where and what kidnof tennis wil be at? what do i do when i got to the tates, how do i know whihc club is a genuine club? is there anyone out there that has an idea if there such a thing as professional known academy in the atlanta? in an ideal world i would hope to get my son a scholarship and send him full time. but i need to know if that kind of thing exist in atlanta. if not what known clubs are there. andi mean those with coaches and people who aim to encorage pro future to young junior tennis player such as my son.
i am willing to pay if i know where to go. but i tried googling and loking at websites but i cannot determine one club form a another. some have fancy websites yet they train and coach in university venues!!! please pleae help i need urgent advice and help in this i am totally anxious to ruin any chances he has.