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Thread: Help! Forehand

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    Help! Forehand

    Hey guys, have any of you ever had an experience where it's as if you've forgotten how to hit a particular shot and it's like you have to relearn that particular shot all over again? This happened to me with my forehand-it was completely fine and then all of a sudden I found that I just could not seem to hit a decent forehand. I've tried going back to the basics, etc. and it helped somewhat, but my forehand is still extremely inconsistent and far below where it used to be. Something similar to this has happened to me a couple of times before, but this is the worst it's been. I just don't understand how this could happen, how I could suddenly seem to lose years' worth of muscle memory in a few minutes and not be able to regain it. Any suggestions???

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    low to high
    chopper or continental grip

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    Oh how the mind can play evil tricks on us sometimes. The most important thing to remember when trying to solve a problem is not to over-think the issue. This can cause more harm than good. First make sure you are making solid contact with the ball. That is where you start your disagragation of the stroke. If that is where you are struggling, it's probably the contact point. For the forehand it should be slightly in front of you(for most typical forehands.)

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    Possibly you never REALLY had the stroke grooved and wired to begin with.

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    Definitely the most important part of the stroke is the contact with the ball. This might help:

    For now, just forget about every other aspect of the stroke - the footwork, take back, follow through etc. - and only concern yourself with making good contact with the ball. At the moment of impact with the ball keep your head and eyes fixed on that point for a split second after the ball has left the racket before you look up. If you just think about that and nothing else till your stroke gets solid again you can then work on any other aspect of the stroke you feel needs improvement bit by bit. If by changing any part of the stroke you start missing again it could be that you are thinking too much about that and forgetting to concentrate fully on the most important aspect - actually hitting the ball.
    I have seen people with great looking groundstroke actions who lose to people with awful looking technique just for the simple fact that the awful looking one is in fact making better contact with the ball.
    Hope this helps.

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    There are 3 critical components to all tennis strokes. With these you can learn, "un"learn and rehabilitate any part of your tennis game. To learn more go to the Modern Tennis Methodology forum here on TW.
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