SRSRoot is a dedicated application that provides root only apps and custom ROMs. With root access, you will not have to worry about bloatware. This software also means zero problems with various threats. If you also want to upgrade LG Optimus G, you can use other software. But by doing this, you'll see that it gets root access revoked. Fortunately, the internal / external SD card will never be damaged in the process. There will be no data on meaning. But the system partition will end up removed from your phone.

What happens when the phone is rooted is this: the guarantee will be revoked. We go from the first stage. You need to download SRSRoot on your laptop. Click here, click on the download button, which is next door, and then wait for the completion of the download. It will end in a few minutes tops. This application will have to be installed on the laptop. After opening it there, click on the option: unknown sources. The place where you will find the option is in the Settings key.

Make sure that USB debugging that you had to turn on If not, then while performing the initial conditions, turn it on when you are at this stage. Now, to ensure connection between the laptop and the LG Optimus G E975. The connection is always helped useful USB device. Two enters said connecting in a very short time. When it is generated, you can start rooting.