"Find, Feel, Finish" These 3 words represent the basic components of Oscar Wegner's Modern Tennis Methodology, a system of teaching tennis he devised over 40 years ago after playing on the tour and practicing with such greats as Emerson, Roche, Stolle, Laver, Segura and Gonzales.

Oscar coached pros such as Guga, Borg and Spadea, and his book and videos were used by the fathers of Venus and Serena and Paradorn Srichapan to coach their kids to fame. He also taught countless celebrities including Charlton Heston, Dinah Shore, Dino Martin, Kirk Douglas, Ava Gardner and numerous junior players and coaches around the world.

The fundamentals of Oscar's system are centered around 2 key tenets:

1) tennis has not traditionally been taught the way the pros play, but should be

2) tennis is simple and should not be over-complicated in its instruction or execution

The 3 F's break every aspect of the game down in a manner that is easy to understand and execute. It is applicable to players of all ages and ability levels, and it produces quick and lasting results.

For an explanaation of the 3 F's and other basic principles of Modern Tennis Methodology visit http://tennisteacher.com and click on the tab labeled "free beginner video".