a video ripper tools for resolution with a samsung samsung galaxy s . swf mp4 player , its as simple as this, i have, district 9 in 1080p,which i down loaded to be able to flaunt my samsung galaxy s, which has an incredible apple kicking reen which has a maximum ers of 800x480. i have tried any video converter, hand brake, videora specifically for samsung galaxy s(however there is absolutely no option for galaxy s only three htc mobile phones are supported). the section 9 video is in avchd format, i want to view it in the best quality i can. all the software program i have tried out have a maximum setting involving something foolish like 480x320 and that is a waste regarding my time. it is actually odd to locate some movie in high-definition while in avchd file format.if you saved hd video from internet, they may be more likely inside mkv format.this is a tutorial teaches convert mkv to samsung galaxy s 5, desire it helpsdvdresourceconvert-mkv-as it said, its tool additionally accept avchd video clip, give it a try. online convert swf to gif , have you tried total video converter, it allows to set resolution to 1280720.you could possibly set lower or higher quality if you want exceptional or substandard video good quality.step 1 upload total video ripper tools (windows edition at total-video-conv mac version from total-video-convstep 2 significance video filelick increase file option to add video clip filesstep 3 decide on proper result video formatpress the small triangle to the correct of account, a drop down menu may pop up, select the most appropriate user profile from the basic video as output online video format.step four set resolutionpress configurations button, an environment box may pop up, select wanted quality like 720576 from the drop down listing of resolution. it's also possible to select reduce or higher solution according to your unique needs. or redefine your resolution you like to 800x480 you can have a try out of e.m. high definition video converter, it can output high definition movies. you can obtain it from your site effectmatrixhd-video-convert