And there's more ... there are games that support this technology. This means that we will be playing on our iphone, used as control, and yet enjoy big on our TV as we are destroying entire interstellar fleet of the alien race shift as in any large format console. Due to its small size, we can also take on the road and see movies from iTunes without any additional infrastructure other than wifi.

And even harder ... option Mirroring Airplay allows us to show on the TV via ATV, everything we see on the screen of your iPhone or iPad, that is, from the home screen, any application we open such as Safari or mail, or maps ... Thus, if we show an audience something we have in our iPhone or iPad, you can submit via the TV. In fact, Apple also suggests the ATV as a device for presentations, since due to its small size and wifi, no more hdmi cables to connect to the TV, it can make presentations on your iPhone or iPad.

Comment in this section that there is a free app from Apple for our iPhone or iPad that allows us to control our ATV without using the remote control that came with the ATV. Note that greatly facilitates the use of ATV in some menus. Using Jailbreak the Apple. All this is very nice, but still throwing missing key features of a media center to use that we would probably opt for buying another apple product not stamped, or buy us both if we are really blown away about Apple.