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Manufacturing Capacity
24 hours turn time on double sides PCB's,2-4 days for multilayer PCB's.
Producing over 5,000 unique part numbers per month .
Current products manufactured include backplanes, hybrid boards,HDI boards,High TG boards, High Frequency boards, Halogen Free boards, metal core pcb aluminum pcb mcpcb, Flexible pcb and more.

Production Capabilities
Layers count: 2- 14 Pilot run: 32 layers
Min Line width/spacing(mil): 2.5/2.5
Max Aspect Ratio: 22:1
Board thickness: 0.13-7.0mm
Max Panel size: 23"x35"
Material: FR-4,High Tg FR-4,Halogen free,High Frequency copper,aluminum,Polyimide
(Rogers,Arlon,Taconic, Bergquist ,LAIRD Nelco...)etc.
Surface Treatment: HASL,ENIG,ENEPIG,Immersion Silver,Immersion Tin,Flash Gold,Golden Finger,OSP,Lead free HASL etc.

High-frequency board
High-frequency PCB uses materials of excellent dielectric property for its main body with other dielectric materials and metal substrates matched to complete corresponding multilayer processing or thick-film processing and manufacture and to achieve the transmission functions of excellent high thermal conductivity, low dielectric constant, high frequency and high speed, therefore, it is
applicable to high-speed devices and satellite microwave communication products.

Metal Core pcb MCPCB
Metal-Core PCB mainly uses copper, aluminum and iron base/core materials for its main body with other dielectric materials matched to complete corresponding special processing and manufacture and to achieve excellent high-dimensional stability, high heat resistance, high thermal conductivity, strong current and other special functions, therefore, it is applicable to a variety of power supplies, power converters, amplifiers, exchanger and other products.

High-Tg thick-copper board
High-Tg thick-copper PCB is based on different kinds of dielectric materials (modified EP, PI, BT, PPE, CE) with copper foils of different thicknesses matched to complete corresponding special processing and manufacture and to achieve needs of a variety of high voltage and high current.

Rigid-flex board
Combined by flexible dielectric materials and rigid board, rigid-flex PCB can expand the three-dimensional space and is of flexible and collapsible features, therefore, it is applicable to manufactured custom circuit and used to save the available space as much as possible.

HDI circuit board
Micro blind hole technology is used to achieve high-density interconnected PCB and laser drilling is adopted to reduce the aperture and increase the wiring density, which can meet the requirements for miniaturization and lightness of electronic products.

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