this can be a deription with photographs of our tour from xining for you to qinghai lake. this document will capture a little more about the journey themselves and is not supposed to have been a customer's guide to the lake itself. unfortunately, we did not to spend long at the body of water as the generate was long. also, i was there in the wrong time of year. the time to go is june-july to be able to see the flocks regarding migrating parrots who summertime on the lake's bird island around the far american shore. nonetheless, the journey had been beautiful because enery between xining and also the lake can be stunning.Oriental Pearl tour , voyage itinerary900am depart xining hotel9am-1pm generate from xining to shala pass (three or more,400m) to a very good view qinghai lake130pm quit into tourist town in lakeside for lunch230-6pm push back to xiningneeds for the day triptransportation - my spouse and i highly recommend renting a car + driver to make this trip. comfort is vital, especially if you possess kids along. the highways are quite great but targeted traffic can be very bad and you might become stuck for a time.plenty of h2o - it is important to drink plenty of fluids when you find yourself adjusting to thin air. there are a few small stops as well as vendors around the roadside but it is better to grab everything you need during the day in xining.snacks - again, especially if you have got kids alongside, you'll want goodies.Suzhou tour , lack of inhibition - there are no public toilets to speak regarding along the drive. if nature calls, you'll need to find a spot to go along your roadside. there are no ditches, few trees and little cover.the particular photo displays the best view we got involving qinghai lake (kokonor) throughout the day. this was consumed at shala move (3,400m).Saya tour , the cloud include suddenly altered while we had been standing at your pass along with the snow-covered mountains towards the northeast of the lake were revealed. the forest itself is at 3,200m.